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Eve Dawes:

Mrs. Nevada United States 2017. WBFF Pro Bikini Diva. 

A certified Personal Trainer, with a wealth of knowledge, active leadership skills & passion for performing, coaching & empowering girls with a desire to be the best. 


Welcome to Fitness by Eve!

It was important to me to create a place where health and fitness is seen as a lifestyle that’s manageable, realistic, diet and fad free! Real food, real unfiltered talk, and realistic workouts that don’t take hours because that’s real life! There's even a cocktail recipe section!

I was raised as a ballerina (which is what I dreamed of becoming) in Europe and went on to dance worldwide, model and become a WBFF Pro Bikini Diva. Health and Stafford Fitness has always been a way of life for me. Fitness by Eve’s purpose is to help others get in shape and stay in shape, inspire you and to keep it real.

Fitness shouldn’t be intimidating! You can keep it fun and feminine. As Ms. Faviana, I get to pursue my passion for fashion along with my commitment to helping you achieve your goals and feel confident in your own skin through the Glam and Gowns Vlog, Fitness by Eve.

I get that everyone’s goals, lifestyles and aspirations are different, so there is no cookie-cutter plan.  The best moments are exploring, trying new things and I encourage you to do that with your cooking and workouts.

Fitness by Eve is to empower and inspire you to lead balanced, healthy, fit and steroids for sale happy lifestyles and become the best version of you by giving you all of the information you need minus the BS.

Total Body Workout

What about starting a new challenge to kick your week off? Your body responds to change and new challenges. Let me, Eve Dawes WBFF Pro & NASM certified trainer, demonstrate a total body workout which is a set of 7 exercises you can do anywhere. Keep yourself healthy and motivated by trying tren steroid something new!

Total Body Workout At Home With These 7 Exercises

    Single Leg Knee Ups
    Forward & Back Lunges
    Curtsey Lunges
    Single Leg Deadlifts (with or without dumbbells)
    Plank Push-Ups
    Side Plank


    Feel free to add dumbbells, barbells, or a weighted vest if you have them and want an extra challenge.
    Perform each exercise for the duration of your choice.
    Perform as a circuit as many times as you like if you have more time.

5 Exercises in 5 Minutes For a Fabulous Booty

Who has the time or desire to work out for hours and hours?! Keep it simple, intense, and be consistent. Now I'm not peddling a magic pill and sorry, it won't happen overnight and it won't offset too much pie ;) However, at this time of year when it's so easy to skip workouts and head out to events and parties, at least you can do this at home quickly and easily; anything's better than nothing!

For optimal results with clenbuterol cycle, it's best done consistently and along with a healthy lifestyle, to really feel it and see it work. It's even better done in addition to your regular workout routine.

Here's how to get your booty fabulous in just 5 steps! 

Bikini Butt Power Workout To Lift & Tone Your Glutes

Add this Bikini Butt Power Workout routine to your regular workouts to scorch some serious calories, add power primobolan and do some serious toning with the plyometric component. Exercises for the glutes have become increasingly popular for females so let's do this!

Go low, go hard, focus on the booty muscles working to feel and see the results. Remember to stretch afterwards to help minimize delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) especially as this butt workout has a large plyometric component.

Key Points:

    With squats and deadlifts go as low as possible without sacrificing form.
    When doing deadlifts place your body weight more towards your heels when bending forwards and only put a slight bend in your knees (they should be practically straight for this variation), then concentrate on squeezing the glutes as you return to an upright position.
    For the ultimate cardio workout keep rest periods to a minimum and go straight from one exercise to the next exercise after dianabol cycle before and after effect.
    Remember to refuel after you're done with some kind of protein to help your muscle synthesize rather than break down.

Bikini Butt Power Workout To Lift & Tone Your Glutes Fitness by Eve

WBFF Pro Legs & Butt Workout by Eve Dawes

This video is part of a series I created in collaboration with Faviana and Glam and Gowns to make health and fitness accessible to everyone.

It's never too early to prep for all of the year-end festivities! As a WBFF Pro Bikini Diva, I've always had to focus hard on these areas. Here are a few of my non-machine favorite moves to get your legs and butt in excellent shape.


    Workout out conscientiously: Concentrate on feeling the muscles you want to work, working.
    Add weight or reps each time you do this workout to keep the muscles challenged and turinabol for sale helps gaining strength and stamina.
    Engage your core throughout.
    Be consistent.
    Be patient with results. The time it takes to see a difference varies for everyone as we all have different diets among other variants.
    Don't give up! Often it's tempting to buy clenbuterol give up before we see results rather than trusting the process and being patient. The results will come!

What's your favorite move from this video? What else would you like to see me demonstrate or help you with on Fitness by Eve?